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FOX News
Jan 17, 2013 12:00am PST
quote . this ad did that for me. >> i was just about to attack her on her thing. >> see how clever m why. >> you had me and then you lost me. >> i was going say it, and then she said, i did say i was better. i disagree with jedediah. the nra was making a fair point. he said he was skeptical about putting guns in schools which is basically what he has the luxury of, and so does david gregory and romy man -- ram emmanuel. why can't our kids be as safe as his kids? >> nobody does a better job of making themselves unpalable. you look at the choice between crazed gunman shooting defenseless victims or everybody opening fire at the same time. there is supposed to be a
Dec 31, 2012 11:00pm PST
a fat life to fall for a pair of shoes. >> you know tricky dick? >> know him? he almost flunked me in advanced blowing up suspension bridges. meet my instructor from indoctrination school. >> kelly robinson. >> you half-wit. you're gonna get yourself killed with those practical jokes someday. you know, when he pulled that on me in class one time, i like to shot my leg right off. scotty, meet russ conley. partner, meet my teacher. >> how you doing? >> well, what are you doing in hong kong? >> vacation. >> that's great. you picked the right place for it. we'll make him swing, will we not? >> yes. >> yes, we will. really a vacation, or...? >> well, there was a pretty rough assignment in hawaii. i got a little banged up. they asked me where i wanted to go for my vacation. i said hong kong. >> right. >> while i was at it, the pentagon said deliver this, which makes me a diplomatic pouch of a kind who could do with a small drink to make us a toast. >> well, we got some beer coming right up. excuse me. >> they talk about you in the department, scotty. >> yeah? what do they say? >> oh, goo
Jan 8, 2013 8:00am PST
' there. in december, me and my colleagues crossed into -- we are trying to cross the border. journalists came to cross the border to cover the situation in kandahar. myself only, they discovered me there. when i asked why, they told me some paper came from the region from al jazeera. i think the guy who stopped me there, he told me, "i know you because you cross this border twice, i know you're a ."urnalist swi they told me there is some paper coming from u.s. people to stop a criminal man, sami al-hajj. later at guantanamo, even at bagram, when they asked me about my story, he said, "you came to this point -- [indiscernible] i understand u.s. intelligence ask pakistan to stop [indiscernible] >> the last journalist to interview osama bin laden. >> yes. [indiscernible] by mistake and asked [indiscernible] they stopped me. when i arrived at bagram [indiscernible] i was in doha. a passport and my ticket says that. [indiscernible] this is my business. so he said, what you said about us. i told him i would tell the whole world about what you're doing for detainees. in bagram, they torture peo
Jan 1, 2013 5:00am EST
narrando) que llevaramos más de una semana sin televisor, me dolía más incluso que cuando me enteré de que mayka, había preferido a luis, dejándome a mí en la estacada. y por las trazas nadie en mi casa tenía la intención de comprar un nuevo aparato. aquellas navidades de 1972, teniendo que conformarme con ver a marisol desde el televisor de un vecino, fueron como una vuelta al pasado, cuando todavía no había llegado a casa la primera "tele" y mi vida estaba vacía del "fugitivo", el "un, dos, tres" y los "chiripitifláuticos". la situación con que nos encontramos, compañeros... es que después de las discusiones que hemos mantenido con la dirección sobre los despidos, sólo hemos recibido la negativa ante cualquier salida negociada. tampoco se hacen cargo de las multas gubernativas impuestas a nueve de nuetros compañeros y se niegan en rotudo a discutir sobre el tema de los salarios mínimos para los aprendices. así las cosas compañeros, no nos ha quedado otra salida que levantarnos de la mesa negociadora. jacinto, habla. lo que yo digo es que si hacemos un encierro, las cosa
Jan 18, 2013 7:00pm EST
. ¡empieza la aventura! (jesús narrando) seis novatos de ciudad me acompañan en esta nueva aventura llena de peligros. ¡aaah, la tengo en la mano! ¡aaah! (jesús narrando) la tensión de la selva provoca los primeros conflictos. ¡yo te estaba esperando, que piense ella lo que quiera! (jesús narrando) y el duro entrenamiento les pasa factura. me muero ma... ¡agustín! ¡baja, arriba! (jesús narrando) estamos en mitad de la sabana venezolana a los pies del auyantepui un lugar mágico cuyo nombre en pemón significa: montaña del diablo. amigos, bienvenidos al segundo episodio de desafío vertical. nuestros chicos visitarán las aldeas de la gente local. tendrán que iniciarse en las técnicas de escalada. el objetivo final, alcanzar la cascada más alta del planeta. el salto del Ángel. Éste es nuestro campamento de uruyen. voy a enseñaros cómo es el campamento. aquí tenemos la suerte por primera vez en mi vida que hay un verdadero campamento de verdad con una choza y unas chicas encantadoras que nos ayudan hacer la comida y nos llevan todo lo que es la intendencia de aquí del campa
Jan 8, 2013 1:30pm PST
you at the reception. my little brother is handicapped with me, paul, please stand. don't mess with me. my brother is not that little. he and i were grew up together in the same house, in the same conditions, in the same circumstances. sadly i did lose a sister, and another brother not able to be with us. it is a good feeling to have a brother who was in the same struggle to be here today, both raised by my grandmother, who has alzheimer's and could not be here today. she would be really proud of us both. i'm here representing the family. paul is here as the man of the family. -- -- who will be one of the a's in my office4. these people from the very beginning met with me , stayed with me, supported me, drove me around, listen to the drama, and stood by my side through it all. i have to say it was one of the most incredible journeys of my life to work with people in the capacity of the campaign, there is nothing like it for people to see it through the good and the bad times and still love you regardless what you say to them. it is amazing. i want to say from the bottom of
Jan 19, 2013 2:05am EST
se me agarrotao los hombros y... no podía ni subir el brazo. en tres días no sé lo que es un espejo, tío. tengo golpes y moraduras y bultos dolorosos por todo el cuerpo, picaduras por todo el cuerpo, agotamiento, hambre. todo mojado y eso me causa... me agobia, lo más importante aquí son los pies que son lo que te van a llevar allí y el &%$# yo pienso pues tengo todos los calcetines mojados me van a... todos mis compañeros están &%$# pa'que nos vamos a engañar, uno que no sé qué, uno que me duele, uno con ampollas, una... chico que yo mira como tengo las piernas que... como dijo césar ayer tengo calcetines de lunares y estoy &%$# crees que los españoles éramos tontos eh, ¡je,je! yo creo que esto lo debería ganar yo. por ilusión, por emoción, y por ser un tío de &%$# físicamente no me veo para nada mal. lo que ahora noto más, que echo muchísimo de menos a mi novio. y mis dientes lavados y todos, y no es que no puedo... hacer nada. no me siento bien. bastante que no me maquillaba ni nada, ¿eh? ♪ (jesús narrando) recordad que sólo podemos descender el salto del
Jan 4, 2013 8:30am PST
. wait. wait. if you're doing, sumo you need a judge. [noises]ow! h iiiha chi. samurai is calling me. what's wrong now. did you call me? yes. oh, no, next door being noisy again. so, sorry, i'll go and tell them to be quiet. sorry, sorry. excuse me. [ noises] hey! come and join us. sorry but can you be quiet please, samurai. samurai? samurai? sorry we forgot. sorry. samurai. okay. we'll be quiet. unbelievable. that was your fault. you were the one that started talking about, sum. that was you making all the noise. shhhhhhh be quiet. let's change the subject. what shall we talk about now. we talked about sports. the weather. no. i know. let's talk about [whistles] women, love, romance, passion. look at us. we're not popular with the ladies. we haven't got any stories. actually we've got no experience. wait! i've got a story. i had an experience. you? yeah. actually i've never told you this before but in my younger days i used to work in a kimono shop. you did? yes. and 8 years ago i went to the house of the samurai to sell kimonos and the samurais name was,uto,gotomosh. but when i ar
Jan 14, 2013 3:00pm PST
with our two new members. my family is with me today, i am the happiest person maybe on this earth; i am beaming because my daughter jane mar has taken time to be away from her middle school to be hearing thank you to my mother for raising me and my twin brother gordon, and my three other siblings not only in sacramento where we grew up and also wherever we are. by the way gordon also has led the chinese regressive association for decades and now is the nature, community worker alliance. my sister candy and her husband ken is here; my girlfriend deborah low is here; i want to thank my sister and brother who are watching. thank you for my siblings to encourage healthy diet, especially exercise. i want to also say that my campaign most of you know, i had to do a little bit more work than my college did. avalos and chiu. i am proud of that hard work that i and my grassroots, people powered campaign built. it wasn't president it, never before in san francisco has anyone poured 1 million dollars to unseat a supervisor; we sent a strong message to them. the strongly independent, rich
Jan 11, 2013 10:00pm PST
changed. >> it's very difficult for me to knock baseball. every generation will have a change. when we came in, we changed the game. afterafrican-american guys changed the game because we started hitting bases and stealing a lot. when you look at how young kids play the game, i think it's a wonderful change because. it's very difficult for me to talk about baseball in a negative way. >> gavin: what aspects when you started playing were most valued. was it on base percentage? was it fielding prowess? was it hit and consistency? what were things that were marked most important when you started playing. what was emphasizeed. >> they said three things. you had to hit in average. you you have knock in runs and you have to score runs. those these things, and did i. if i didn't knock in a hundred or 96 or 97, but it wasn't anything that i had to do. it was just that at that time it was very important that you did all these things. you know, and i did. i led the league for about four or five years in a row and i stopped because it was wearing me down hitting home runs, running the bases playin
Jan 29, 2013 2:05am EST
. >> she taught me how to throw up. >> i did teach her to stick her finger down her throat. i didn't teach her to purge. >> announcer: a mother's denial. >> dr. phil: do you take her adderall prescription. >> own up to it. >> dr. phil: don't come in here and lie to me. >> i'm not lying to you, dr. phil. >> dr. phil: let's do it. why don't we stop all the drama, stop all the fighting and let's t you better. >> here we go. have a good show, everybody. >> dr. phil: if i can help get this family back on track, are you willing to do that? >> ready, three. take. >> dr. phil: this is going to be a changing day in your life. >> go, dr. phil! [cheers & applause] >> dr. phil: hello! now, here's just a little bit of what we're dealing with. paula wrote into the show because she says that she's at her wits end. she says her perfect daughter, kylie, mysteriously developed an eating disorder when she was 12 years old. >> my daughter, kylie, has suffered from an eating disorder since she was 12. she starved herself for two years. first anorexia and then the bingeing. she's'56" and well below 100 points.
Jan 4, 2013 4:00pm PST
? - ♪ it's daniel tiger's neighborhood ♪ ♪ a land of make-believe ♪ won't you ride along with me? - ♪ ride along - ♪ it's daniel tiger's neighborhood ♪ ♪ so much to do, so much to see ♪ ♪ won't you ride along with me? ♪ - ♪ ride along - ♪ i've got lots of friends for you to meet ♪ ♪ in this land of make-believe ♪ a friendly face on every street ♪ ♪ just waiting to greet you ♪ it's a beautiful day in the neighbourhood ♪ ♪ a beautiful day for a neighbour ♪ ♪ in daniel tiger's neighborhood ♪ - (daniel): vroom, vroom! vroom, vroom, vroom, vroom! hi, neighbour! it's me, daniel tiger. come on in! i have a surprise to show you. so excited! (laughing) ok, ready? ta-da! it's my tigertastic car! vroom, vroom! it has stripes just like me! and it goes vroom! vroom! let's play! you say, "vroom!" too! vroom! vroom! vroom! (laughing) vroom! vroom! vroom! vroom, vroom, vroom, vroom! excuse me. tigertastic car comin' through! beep! beep! - hold it right there, tiger car. you have to pay the toll. - the toll? - yes, tiger car, you have to pay... three ki
Jan 1, 2013 11:00pm EST
a me gustaría celebrar. me parece fantástico. un viaje. no, un viaje no te lo recomiendo, recibirás mucha plata y si te la gastas en un viaje no paras más, te lo digo por experiencia, cuando vendí la casa de mamá un año me duró la plata. porque eres un loco y gastas el dinero a manos llenas. sabes que siempre ha sido así. bueno,odo listo, el jueves a las 11 acá. bien. los compradores sacan el dinero del banco y se vienen con custodia aquí a la secretaría. ¿yo no debería arreglar ese tema también? porque andar con tanto dinero por la calle no se puede. si quiere me puedo ocupar. no, no, me ocupo yo, hablo con el departamento de seguridad, ellos resuelven todo. ¿qué sería de mí sin este hombre desde que murió ignacio? ¿nos vemos el jueves? muy bien. hasta el jueves. que tenga buen día. bueno, hasta el jueves. hasta el jueves. gracias, hasta luego. [puerta abriéndose] shruik-pum! ¿lo conseguiste? claro, es mi especialidad y es lo mejor que hay en el mercado. (mujer) ¿y si julia nos manda al diablo? porque no la veo en esto. no, porque ella es tan especial. ¿por q
Jan 19, 2013 6:00pm EST
e 'o sole se ne scenne me vene quase 'na malincunia. piero: sotto 'a fenesta toia restarria, quanno fa notte e 'o sole se ne scenne. ignazio: ma n'atu sole, cchiu' bello oi ne' 'o sole mio, sta 'nfronte a te. gianluca: 'o sole 'o sole mio, sta 'nfronte a te, sta 'nfronte a te. piero: ma n'atu sole cchiu' bello oi ne' 'o sole mio, sta 'nfronte a te. ignazio: 'o sole 'o sole mio. gianluca: sta 'nfronte a te sta 'nfronte a te. group: 'o sole 'o sole mio, sta 'nfronte a te, sta 'nfronte a te.♪ ignazio: we would like to honor one of our greatest italian composers of music for the cinema with a medley of songs by the great ennio morricone. gianluca: ♪e piu' ti penso e piu' mi manchi, ti vedo coi gianluca: ♪e piu' ti penso e piu' mi manchi, ti vedo coi miei occhi stanchi, e' notte fonda penso sempre a te miei ochi stanchi, e' notte fonda penso sempre a te, chiudo gli occhi e penso a te, malgrado tutto sei la cosa piu' importante, e mi ritorni in mente dolce come sei. group: mi chiedo senza te come vivrei. group: mi chiedo senza te come vivrei. gianluca: e mi ris
Jan 14, 2013 3:30am PST
light afro type but red hair. to me, i was like, oh, my god, she is so beautiful. for me, if i want to be friends with someone that i admire, i have to be like him or her, cannot have the red hair. so i say, i also come from nigeria and i am like you. [laughter] i do not think she believed me so i was inventing names. anyway. so she influenced me. she had white skin. you could see her veins. she was very strange but beautiful for me. i was always attracted by different beauty that i saw everywhere. i remember some movies called guess who's coming to have dinner tonight with sydney party. i remember i said to my parents -- i was 12. if i come with a black girl, what will you say? and they say, if you love her, that is perfect for you. years after when it told them what i could say about the fact was going with a guy, they said if you love each other, that is wonderful. so i think i was lucky to have parents like that. very modern. very open-minded. unlike for some, there's no question of religion, of color of skin, or anything like that. people can be all beautiful. it depends on who
Jan 5, 2013 5:00am EST
♪ dancacademy ♪ en casa bailaba instantáneamente me sentía libre si tenía un mal día en la escuela o una pelea con una amiga la danza era siempre el lugar al que me escapaba ♪ pero aquí a cualquier parte que miro es un callejón sin salida. ♪ [perro ladrando] ¡guau, guau! ¡vamos! ¡corre, corre! [sirena patrulla] ¡uuuuh, uuuuh! ¡vámos, levantate arriba! [sirena patrulla] ¡uuuuh, uuuuh! [quejido] ¡uhhh! ¡alto! ♪ sigo bailando... pero detrás de las barras es como estar en una jaula. ¡hola! deberían terminar con tu sufrimiento. tardarán meses en juzgarte así que hasta entonces te entregaremos a tus padres. escucha, christian, estoy de tu lado, bueno sólo trabaja conmigo. ¿me das el número de tu madre? ah-ah, ella está muerta ¿y el de tu padre? eso no aplica. sino hay nadie que se haga responsable por ti, puedes quedar detenido por meses antes de que seas ubicado en un refugio. tengo un hermano ¿es un adulto? ¿un adulto responsable? sí, un adulto. tiene esposa, un hijo, un jardín con cerca. ¿y trabaja? en las minas, en broken hill. llámalo ¿Él responder
Jan 29, 2013 11:00pm EST
, no me siento bien, vamos. estás borracho. mírate como estás, estuviste bebiendo. no, es otra cosa, no es eso. mira, yo no quiero que me involucres. tú, mario, haz lo que quieras, haz lo que quieras, yo estoy bien. perdí todo... todo. perdí mi vida, perdí... déjame pasar, vamos, son cinco minutos, no te pido más. ♪ [monitor cardíaco] pi-pi-pi ♪ [música melancólica] ah, ¿cómo le va? muy bien, ¿y cómo sigue? mire, acá ya no se puede hacer mucho más por don alfredo, su situación es muy delicada. ¿doctor, qué quiere decir con que acá no se puede? dígame dónde, entonces. bueno, en cuba, allí se le puede hacer un muy buen tratamiento pero la decisión depende de ustedes. piénsenlo. sí, gracias, doctor. ¿pero les dijo cuánto costará? 80,000 dólares. tiene que estar seis meses. igual el problema es la plata porque la tenemos pero no está, la metimos en el banco, está retenida, así que... tengo algo de plata pero está en el corral bancario, estamos todos igual pero esto tendrá que terminar muy pronto. no podemos esperar, ¿no entiendes que papá se está murien
Jan 20, 2013 10:30am EST
me to be all i can be ♪ now nothing can stop me i believe in the power ♪ that comes from a world brought together as one ♪ i believe together we'll fly i believe in the power of you ♪ and i this is the moment we have ♪ dreamed of all our lives we'll be the change ♪ we wish from others we'll stand tall for what is ♪ right and in my heart ♪ there'll be no doubt the arms of the world will come ♪ reaching out and embrace me to be all ♪ i can be now nothing can stop me ♪ i believe in the power that comes from a world brought ♪ together as one i believe together we'll fly ♪ i believe in the power of you and i ♪ i believe the time is right now ♪ stand tall and make the world proud ♪ i believe together we'll fly i believe in the power of ♪ you and i i believe in the power of ♪ you and i i believe, i believe ♪ i believe in i believe, i believe in ♪ i believe, i believe ♪ i believe in i believe, i believe in i believe in you i believe, i believe in ♪ i believe, i believe i believe in you i believe, i believe in you ♪ i believe together we'll fly i
Jan 1, 2013 7:00am PST
better get him back to town, i'll hold him on trigger, you lead the burrow. right. ♪ ♪ somebody give me a hand here. hi dale. anything i can do? oh pat you're just in time. i am? take this little burrow to the stable and give her some feed and water will ya? i look more like a hero than a stable boy. well you'll be her hero if you'll take her to the stable. oh, yeah. come on laughing girl. let's go get some viddles. he was tied up so tight the circulation's cut off. he's suffering from exposure, thirst and shock from a beating. i can make one good guess who did it. hiya sheriff. hello roy. dale told me how you found him. do you know who he is yet? now wait a minute. he ain't strong enough to talk yet, and if you're gonna ask him a lot of fool questions, i won't be responsible for him. okay doc hold your horses. when you think he's well enough to talk, let me know. well it won't be before tomorrow. let me know too doc. alright. (9 another one is still in the hospital, never will be right. well mr. carol you're the first victim that's turned up in my territory and i aim to do something ab
Jan 1, 2013 10:00am PST
determined me whom he has just tried to betray ♪ ♪one is a masked man, the lone ranger. ♪ ♪who built the empty grave to conceal the fact that he still lives ♪ ♪ ♪the other is tonto, the lone ranger's indian companion ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪kimosabe, look out. i'll get you now, ranger.♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ him dead, kimosabe. make me glad. him deserve to die. no, tonto. no one should have his life end like this. better him dead. like white say, better tag the providence, now no one know you still live. yes, that is true. a strange act of providence has protected my secret. me dig grave for him. alright. i'll get scout ready for traveling. ♪ come, fella. ♪ all done, tonto? me ready. ready to go after rest of cavendish gang, now? yes, as soon as we can. but i have got to get a mount of some sort. we'll head off toward wild horse valley. here take, scout. for two days the lone ranger and tonto, traveled toward the remote valley of wild horses. where a particularly sturdy breed of horses lives. unknown and unmollested by the hunters of the west. later, the entrance of t
Jan 11, 2013 12:00am PST
. the show closed the first night. god, i was so good. you should have seen me. you would have loved me. [laughter] >> he is going to take you and the police department and the fire department to get me out of here. i will wait for the sheriff to come and take me home and i am not going to budge until he gets here. >> you better stop thinking about it or you will end up killing yourself. >> if we lose this place, you are going back to vegas for every single meal. you will be put in a state home and i will lose what is left of my family. i do not care if it kills me or it kills you. i am not going to give up. >> happy birthday. >> daniel, daniel, oh my god, oh my god, the whole time, the whole time. i do not think i can take this. i just want to hit something. i want to hit it hard. >> here, hit this. >> what is my destiny, mom? >> you are going after figure that out for yourself. life is a box of chocolates, forrest. you never know what you're going to get. tavis: you have quite a bit of work in the rear-view mirror, so what, what do you think? >> i don't know what i think. i, i, i, i h
Jan 2, 2013 5:00am PST
malito me miro por aquí me miro por allá dime si me veo sexy me miro por aquí me miro por allá soy sexy igual. ♪. ♪. me miro por aquÍ me miro por allÁ dime si me veo sexy me miro por aquÍ me miro por allÁ soy sexy igual. . >> hoy en "primer impacto extra". >> le mostramos la primera caja negra para vehículos. >> un hombre tiene una segunda oportunidad con la mujer que algún día fue su novia. >> ahora mismo en "primer impacto extra". >> ¿qué tal? bienvenidos a otro "primer impacto extra". >> un grupo de estudiantes de colombia acaba de inventar la caja negra para vehículos. >> vamos con los detalles. >> a pesar de que los bomberos y la policía llegaron apenas unos minutos de la colisión, nada pudieron hacer, las llamas borraron toda avidencia, los investigación sostienen que como tampoco hubo testigos, no se sabrá que ocurrió. >> un grupo de estudiantes está convencido que las investigaciones están a punto de convertirse en el pasado, ahora tienen una caja negra para vehículos, resistentes a los choques más extremos e indestructible al fuego., >> la idea es
Jan 14, 2013 9:00pm PST
they all reached out to me; they all sat down with me, phone calls and everyone. know that you district 5 supervisor will have the support of so many people in city hall to get the job done. the job for me, the priority for me will be of course jobs. supervisor avalos has started it would local hire, and i want to expand on that to really get to the bottom of making sure that our people and our district and our city have employment opportunities i cannot .way to get started on my job and i look forward to working with all of you. thank you for being here, and sticking it out through this day. i hope i did not miss anyone. congratulations to the new president of the board. looking forward to seeing you serve the next few years, and hoping that in another two years they will be the potential for change in thank you so much for having % i hope that wasn't mean or anything % didn't mean to cut your legs off while i was out there. i am so honored and happy to be here and looking forward to serving as a district 5 supervisor. (applause) >> president: congratulations supervisor breed. n
Dec 31, 2012 7:00pm EST
alpinista. que frío. en la serie de desafio extremo que se inicia hoy. me propongo a contagiaros de esta pasión a lo la largo de diez episodios os contare mis aventuras en las siete cumbres mas altas del mundo ¡adelante! en algún ocho mil más en un rally de motos y en una mágica travesía en el corazón del himalaya empezaremos con la montaña mas alta de África. el kilimanjaro que es además la más asequible si estais en buena forma fisica podeis subirla acompañadme y os mostraré como se extiende. ♪ ¡kilimanjaro, manifiéstate! esta es la historia de mi ascención al kilimanjaro el monte más alto de África. ♪ además de tener unos paisajes magníficos este desafio extremo es especial porque me permite conocer a los simpatiquísimos, tanzanos. ¡mira que peine tiene! me hace... ¡ja,ja! y subirme a un jeep para ver elefantes y otros bichos fascinates ¿dos que? caribu dos cebras que buena idea que una de las montañas más alta de todos los continentes este aquí en tanzania. conoceremos la ruta de la coca cola llena de turistas parece fácil, pero es engañosa. aqu
Jan 1, 2013 6:00pm PST
almost flunked me in advanced blowing up suspension bridges. meet my instructor from indoctrination school. >> kelly robinson. >> you half-wit. you're gonna get yourself killed with those practical jokes someday. you know, when he pulled that on me in class one time, i like to shot my leg right off. scotty, meet russ conley. partner, meet my teacher. >> how you doing? >> well, what are you doing in hong kong? >> vacation. >> that's great. you picked the right place for it. we'll make him swing, will we not? >> yes. >> yes, we will. really a vacation, or...? >> well, there was a pretty rough assignment in hawaii. i got a little banged up. they asked me where i wanted to go for my vacation. i said hong kong. >> right. >> while i was at it, the pentagon said deliver this, which makes me a diplomatic pouch of a kind who could do with a small drink to make us a toast. >> well, we got some beer coming right up. excuse me. >> they talk about you in the department, scotty. >> yeah? what do they say? >> oh, good things. rhodes scholar, i hear. >> yeah. >> new assignment, kel? >> i don't know
Jan 24, 2013 12:00am PST
. usted sabe que la muerte de isabel todos estos aÑos me ha producido un tremendo dolor, y estando solo jamÁs pensÉ que me volverÍa a enamorar. srta. deniz, me volverÉ a casar. >>¿casarse? >>veo que la tomÓ por sorpresa. no sÉ si serÁ igual cuando sepa con quiÉn es. >>bueno, ahora que lo dice... me lo imagino. es la srta. bianca, ¿no es verdad? [♪] [risas] >>ya veo que vas muy bien con don ariel, flavia. ¡muy bien por ti, amiga! >>ay, si la cena estuvo divina. no sabes, ariel se portÓ sÚper atento. es obvio que estÁ interesado en mÍ. >>¡guau! y, bueno, me imagino que fuiste sola. >>no, nos invitÓ a todos. [risa de bianca] ya sabes, yo creo que quiere empezar como a unir a las familias. [risas] >>¿de quÉ te rÍes? ¿por quÉ no me cuentas? >>ay, madre, es que tÚ tienes una manera de contar las cosas. pareces una adolescente. [risas]>>¿sÍ? quÉ estÚpida. >>no, es que claro, ya entendÍ. Él primero quiere que se conozcan los hijos y luego... es que ya puedo oÍr la marcha nupcial. imagÍnate los encabezados de las revistas. "familias piamonte y santillana unidas p
Jan 24, 2013 3:00pm PST
quote me. weapons to turkey? what? secretary clinton clearly had no clue what he was talking about. but, senator paul was so proud of his cooky question, that he went on fox news to brag about it. >> i think arms are being sold out of libya to turkey. i have no briefing of this, but there have been articles in news print and in the press. >> no proof. no information. no problem. who is paranoid enough to come up with something so out landish? who could it be? folks, there's only one man for the job. >> over 400 tons of weapons. >> they put it on a ship. he uses ambassador stevens as the point man with this guy. and they funnel through turkey
Jan 22, 2013 2:00pm PST
deep adjustments which eventually jell into the finished performance. it has been interesting to me through the years to note that i have seen great actors play the same part on different occasions with different casts. and almost invariably, their performances are very different, because they are so susceptible to the specific elements of each production. in this case, the setting is the kitchen of a nobleman's mansion on a festive midsummer's eve. the two characters are the count's daughter, miss julie, and jean, the count's servant. both are aware of sexual tensions in this potentially provocative situation. the rehearsals progress, blending the talents of playwright, director and actors to the final interpretation. [music] thank you. won't you have something yourself? i'm not much of a beer drinker. but, of course, if madam insists. insists? surely you know that a gentleman should never allow a lady to drink alone. yes, that's perfectly true. hmm. [music] now drink to my health. are you shy? to my mistress' health. bravo. now, kiss my shoe and the ceremony will be complete. exce
Dec 31, 2012 5:00pm PST
to get killed. sorry your honor. dear listen to me i was talking to dr higgins he said that. listen rosy i'm handling it my way first comes bentley. then comes that st louie two-faced double-crossin backstabbin. fred! i'll show you a few tricks on how to get smiley, tricks you never even dreamed of. sure sure i go through with the trial in nothin flat and then we shoot out to st louie. what will we do in st louis? not you just us. not me just us? darling you frighten me when you talk like this. this is strictly between me and smiley were going south together. on a vacation? to florida? further south it's a hundred times hotter. boss i tell ya thems his honors own words. and get this he said he's gonna rush through with the trial. then hop quick to st louie and get smiley. that's dangerous talk for a judge and a gubernatorial candidate to make. are you sure you heard right are you positive? yea he called him a double-crossin backstabber. who was running the racket with the judges dough. nice work jim, boys we're in. the honorable judge just put himself right out of the running. shaggsey t
Jan 1, 2013 4:30am PST
one couldn't ask for more delightful weather. take that grin off of your face. now please permit me the privilege of expressing my happy frame of mind with a few facial wrinkles. relieves the tension. look out i don't put some wrinkles on you that'll stay for keeps. [police sirens] [brakes screech] what's the matter i wasn't speeding. i didn't say you was, let me see your drivers license ha i must of left it in my other suit. in this state that ain't good. how about your owners license? tell him its your fiancé's car, tell him you borrowed it to go to a campaign meeting where you are making a speech. don't you recognize me i'm judge parker, i'm running for governor in the next state. there's a political shindig there tonight and i'm making a speech. this is my 'financees' car see and she just let me have it for the emergency. what's her name? barbara foster. that's an interesting set of circumstances a girl by that name phoned the police and reported her car stolen. and the description of the car and the license number was identical with the one you're driving. i'm telling you you
Jan 25, 2013 3:30am PST
of me, my body, that i've actually played this type of character in one of my films where he wears very odd glasses and has a bow tie and fashions himself as a bit of an intellectual. he actually represents a kind of character that you do find in the community and in communities, someone who is sort of outside of it, marginalized, who is part of the community yet he's never fit in. he's a bachelor. his interests are very un-japanese american. he can't find relationships with a female, he's been introduced by the marriage broker and it doesn't work. but in fact his character, if he were in present-day society, he would be gay. it's sort of interesting and in fact the character whom i wrote it for, gregory wallace, is a gay actor. it's sort of interesting, francis jew, who plays him now, is gay. but you have a type of character who at a particular point in history had to sort of play out a different role but if he were in present day society, he would be, you know, gay and living life and going about his business. so that is sort of interesting about that character. . >> yes, gentleman he
Jan 4, 2013 1:30am PST
didn't know the culture. right away i had to learn a lot. it was something that was not engrained in me besides the story. i sat down and thought about the story my mother told me about her brother being ill. he at one point went from hong kong to japan to recuperate. he was the one that wanted to be an artist and wanted to paint. i thought about that because it must have been hard growing up in hong kong to be far away from everything and have a dream and get sick at this point. i thought u is there a story here? that's the way it begins for writers. people think things jump out and we have it in our head. it's the opposite we have nothing in our head. we turn on the machine and praying for something to come. with women of the silk i researched for 6 amongs and read and read and read. in one book i found 2 lines about the woman silk workers and knew immediately that's hai wanted to write about. it came to me like a dream that every writer prays for that you just knew you wanted to write about this. with the second book it was difficult i sat down and didn't know what i was going to wri
Jan 16, 2013 12:00am PST
:00 a.m. i watch the audience and there were two or three things that stand out to me about your audience. you have the absolute most diverse audience of any artist i have ever hung out with our experienced in concert consistently. what is it about you or your music? i've seen a black thing and the white thing, you have the most ethically, culturally, racially diverse audience of any artist on the scene. why you? >> i think from the beginning as i was coming into my own persona and understanding of who i was, i never talks down to my audience. when you do not talk down to your audience, they can grow with you. i give them a lot of credit to be able to hang with me this long because i have gone through a lot of changes. they have allowed me to grow. we can tackle some serious subjects and try to be better human beings, all of us. tavis: of the other thing about your audience that is different is your audience is very musically sophisticated. they love music. it is another thing to have fans that are sophisticated about music. >> and a lot of the people who come see us now, their p
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